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Amazing Surprise = Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo 2DS

DS 2D disclosure

My son was pleasantly surprised two days before Christmas with a Nintendo 2DS, absolutely loved it and of course, wanted to share with you, since most stores now have AMAZING New Year Sales, why not get one NOW?

Basic Features:

  • Dual-Core ARM processor
  • 4GB SD Card included
  • 3.5-inch, 400×240 upper display; 3-inch, 320×240 display
  • 1300mAH battery, good for 3.5 – 5.5 hours 3DS game play
  • MSRP: $129.99


Nintendo’s design for the 2DS at first appears somewhat different. They’ve taken the trademark two screens of the traditional clamshell DS and 3DS hardware and simply stacked them one on top of the other vertically on a single plane. It’s like a 3DS without a hinge in the middle, and after seeing and touching the thing, my son loved it!

What I actually found was that the Nintendo 2DS has a great design, and fits nicely in the hands. The 2DS feels durable and well-built. It feels, in fact, like the kind of gadget you can probably spill some snacks on without much effect, which makes it a great device, especially for younger children!

The hand positioning in terms of the controls fit my grip perfectly, but your mileage may vary.  The sleep switch ensures you wont’ burn through the battery too quickly in the absence of a clamshell sleep trigger, and the light/durable feeling of the overall package makes it seem like an ideal choice for children or for travelers who just want a game they can pack and know it will not suffer any trip damages.

Click below to watch my son’s review and how excited he was to finally get to try it! He tends to take it with him on trips instead of the other consoles, as in his own words: I just put it in my pocket and go!


I highly recommend it, especially if you have a younger child and you are looking for a great durable game option!

Pampers Love, Sleep & Play Celebration


pampers trendylatina f

This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Pampers.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Pampers has placed baby pictures all over the US  to unveil their new Love Sleep & Play campaign, which celebrates the millions of ways babies uniquely experience love, sleep and play. Pampers understands that those experiences are unique and timeless, so who better to be in the spotlight and reveal the campaign than little ones themselves?

To honor these priceless love, sleep and play moments, Pampers hosted a special event on August 21st in New York City’s iconic Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Terminal, which I had the privilege to attend. The historic site, which is celebrating “a century of arrivals” this year, was transformed as the littlest of arrivals (babies!) helped to unveil an amazing , user-generated baby photo experience

Throughout the last month, Pampers has rallied parents across the country to submit photos of their babies experiencing love, sleep or play to the Pampers Facebook page for the chance to be featured in their big celebration.  After receiving more than 30,000 photo submissions, Pampers compiled the images into a larger-than-life 3-D projection. Mother-to-be, actress Jennifer Love Hewitt and actress and TV host, Jacqueline Bracamontes, were at the event to walk the “teal carpet” and help Pampers reveal the display while celebrating the millions of unique ways babies experience love, sleep and play.

I was amazed by the Projection and the gorgeous children’s pictures featured as in a larger than life Quilt, seamless sewn together to display the powerful message to us that night!

Pampers 1 f

I had the joy of meeting and chatting with Jacqueline Bracamontes on the Teal Carpet!

pampers 2 f

I also had a chance to get closer to Jennifer love Hewitt and she greeted my son! He still talks about it! She was glowing and was extremely nice and courteous to all who interviewed her! I had a special place during the ceremony, right in front of her couch!

jennifer trendy latina f


The party was perfect to the details and sealed the amazing initiative to celebrate children’s special moments! All attendees received a gorgeous diaper bag filled with amazing gifts which I had the honor to give to my Latina friend, Linda Cabrera – such perfect timing since she is due at any moment!

linda f

Amazed by the indescribable feeling of being graced with the opportunity to witness this special event and sharing this joy with one of my friends just crowned this amazing campaign I had the honor to be a part of!

It gets even better, you are invited to:

Pampers Love, Sleep, and Play Giveaway!

I have a great giveaway for you!  Watch the Pampers Love Sleep & Play NYC Video below and  leave a comment with the unique ways that your little ones (or big babies) express love, sleep or play.


What are you waiting for? Please enter, share and celebrate with us!

Pampers Shines A Spotlight On How Kids Love, Sleep and Play!


PR_Logo 1This is part of a compensated campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Pampers.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.


Every time I look at my son, I keep thinking how fast he is growing and I still remember the day when he came into this world and was handed to me as a miracle, a blessing! The complications with his delivery and facing the fact that I could no longer have kids, made raising him more than an act of love, it was my only opportunity to get it right! To give all I had to this little being.

pampers 6a g

We explored together the early days, the first bath, playtime, sleep through the night miracle, potty trained at 18months, so many milestones!

I still see myself going back in time and sitting on the floor and playing for hours, singing a Brazilian or Spanish lullaby for him to sleep. My endless hours chatting with him in as many languages as I speak, doodling a masterpiece, dancing away and playdates, so many park visits!


His favorite time was always bed time when I would lay by his side, read a story, sing him a song….he still asks me to read with him and sing together, it’s our unique bond! I know he will grow up and these memories will never leave him, memories that no matter how busy mom is, that she will always have time to Play and Love him, even when he is sleeping!

pampers 5a final

It totally translates Pampers new Campaign, Love, Sleep and Play and I’m so excited to share that for the first time in the brand’s history, Pampers is turning the spotlight on babies across North America to participate in the brand’s new Love Sleep & Play campaign.  The program pays tribute to the millions of ways babies uniquely experience love, sleep and play.  By visiting the Pampers Facebook page, parents can submit photos of their babies experiencing love, sleep or play for the opportunity to be part of a massive celebration event this August. Each week, every photo submitted will have an opportunity to appear on the Pampers Facebook page, in Pampers Twitter feed and in the brand’s special Love, Sleep & Play online gallery.  Plus, these photos have the opportunity to be featured in the brand’s celebration event in New York City next month. In joining the campaign, parents can celebrate all the special ways their babies experience love, sleep and play.

Check out the video below:

Pampers’ philosophy is recognizing the unique and joyful ways each baby delights in their own experiences, and embracing all the ways babies experience love, sleep and play. There are many kinds of love (whether it’s sibling love, parental love or love from their favorite teddy bear), different ways to sleep (whether it’s a planned nap, impromptu slumber or a night filled with the sweetest of dreams), and a  different types of play (whether it’s with a complex toy, a block or a simple box) – and Pampers celebrates and supports them all, that is why from the moment we brought our son home, Pampers was the only diaper brand we used.

pampers4a final

Hope you enjoyed my story and it’s now your turn to submit photo entries of your own children at Pampers Love, Sleep & Play at: http://es.pamperslovesleepandplay.com/