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Muppets Most Wanted – A Must See Movie




After a prologue which takes place moments after the closing scenes of The Muppets, the sequel quickly establishes an evil heist plot. The Muppets tricked into conducting a world-tour with new manager Dominic Badguy (Ricky Gervais). Kermit may not approve, but he has been replaced by Constantine, the world’s most dangerous frog who looks exactly like Kermit except for a black mole. With Kermit stuck in a Russian gulag and Constantine impersonating our hero, can anything or anyone stop Dominic and Constantine’s international crime plan? And just what will the Muppet Show be like without Kermit’s direction?

The film amusingly plays out like a superhero sequel. Once again we get the super villain who is basically the doppelganger for the hero, and the film does place more emphasis on the villains at the expense of the heroes while showing the cracks beneath the satisfactory status-quo established at the end of the first film.

muppets dinnerf

I could spend the next paragraph or two spoiling with my favorite jokes, the BOX secret, my favorite parts, but what would be the point? I will, instead, share that the picture is filled with wonderful gags, puns, callbacks, and references to its own existence and the franchise’s legacy. At its best; lovely Tina Fey does get to sing with a Russian accent!


I will also share the adorable Hispanic reference when they perform in Madrid, the song is in Spanish and Salma Hayek appears! But Celine Dion’s song was actually my favorite! 


I particularly loved the cast and the story, which captivated all adults and children at the screening!

Muppets Most Wanted is entertainment at its best, a great option for all ages! I highly recommend it! 

The movie opens in theaters March 21st! 

Pictures courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

¡Ya Vienen Los Reyes Magos! The Three Wise Men Are Coming!


 Dia de Reyes

After New Year’s Day, many Hispanic families still have a very special date to commemorate and enjoy.  On January 6, most of the Hispanic world celebrates El Dia De Reyes, the Epiphany, remembering the day when the Three Wise Men following the star to Bethlehem, arrived bearing their treasured gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh for the Baby Jesus.

The Reyes Magos In La Alameda

A couple of days earlier, the children write their letters to the Wise Men, or to their favorite Rey Mago: Melchor, Gaspar, or Baltasar, asking for the presents they would like to receive.

During the evenings before the great celebration on January 6, families go to the Alameda, in Mexico City, a beautiful park that dates back to the Colonial era. There, every year, hundreds of stands are placed with food, toys and best of all, there are sets, where the children can have their picture taken with the Three Kings of the Orient.

Hundreds of colored balloons, filled with helium, are sold during the season, so the little ones can attach their letters to them, and have them fly, up to the sky, carrying all their wishes with them.

If they forgot their letters at home,  there are also stores that offer writing paper and envelopes specially designed for the occasion and addressed to the Reyes Magos. This lovely tradition of going to the Alameda park is passed on from one generation to another.

January 6, Dia de Reyes

On the night, of January 5, the figurines of the Three Wise Men are added to the nativity scene. Before going to bed the children place their old shoes under their bed or in the living room, where the Wise Men will leave them their presents.  Some also place outside the house, some hay and a bucket with water for the animals, and even some cookies and milk for Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar.

This is the picture of our nativity scene! We will add the Reyes tomorrow!

nativity scene

I wanted to share some books I used in my classes this week:

Los Reyes a Caballo

Los Reyes Magos


We watched some videos:

This one was shown to older children:

This one to younger ones:

I also wanted to share some crafts we used in classes and at our home:

My students and I made some simple crowns and used verbs learned to act out bringing presents to Baby Jesus!

We used this template from First Pallete, cut from construction paper and used more paper to decorate it!





We used Crayola’s Craft:






Family Fun has a more complicated, but very pretty craft!

http://spoonful.com/crafts/wee-three-kings                                                                          three kings

This is the letter template we used! Which is a free template found on :



We had not really celebrated Dia de Reyes before since it is not celebrated in Brazil, but it was great because my son had a chance to write a second letter to the reyes, that was great, he really enjoyed it and also enjoyed learning about the story behind it! He attends a Christian School, he said he will take the letter and show to his teacher and share the story in class!

                                                                                  Claudia-sigmy pic 2012

Elf on a Self, on a table, on the taco, the guacamole, by the maracas! Ole!

I bought the book The elf on a shelf in Spanish to use in upcoming classes and story time sessions I had scheduled for December!

Forgot to hide it and my son found the box and said wow! We have a Spanish Elf! So much fun! Is he going to speak Spanish too?? Can you read the book? Is he coming tomorrow too? He had been visited by the American elf for a few days! I was in trouble! I decided to think about ways to make my elf authentic 🙂

Went to my laptop and decided to list places where he would appear and things he would do to show his Hispanic character! Tomorrow, his first day at our home, he will be sitting on a tortilla with some sour cream!! 🙂

I have decided to have fun and welcome our new elf with a real Hispanic hospitality and will be sharing the pictures on our facebook page!

If you wish to join my journey, the book is only sold at Target online, not in stores and the main website has a Spanish version!


The book can be found on this page:


Look forward to seeing you there!