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Holiday Activities with a Bilingual Twist


The Holidays are coming and you are wondering how to celebrate the holidays and keep the bilingual traditions alive? Your children take a foreign language but you don’t know how to keep the flame burning during the holiday break??? They watch Dora and love Spanish but you want more? I have the answers for you!

Traditions are easy to create, to keep! I wanted to share some of my traditions and some traditions from Latin Countries!

Gifts in shoes – I keep the American tradition of putting gifts in our stocks but also put gifts in brand new shoes outside my son’s door, and he finds them early on Christmas morning! Fun way to bring new sleepers or new shoes without having the children complain, shoes again??   🙂

Caroling – I have plenty of cds and music around the house to teach my son holiday songs in Portuguese and Spanish! Our Favorites are Jingle Bells, Oh Christmas Tree, Frosty and some originals like Botei meu sapatinho in Portuguese! If you would like to listen or show your children some of our videos, please search on youtube for EZLearn Languages.

I posted my favorite one!

We are lucky enough my husband plays the guitar so on Christmas eve, we sit and sing for hours!

Gift Giving – The tradition in the US is to open gifts Christmas day, but in South America, we open them on Christmas Eve and actually there is not much celebration on the 25th, than a day off! So I let my son open one gift and remind him why, there is only one box under the tree for him, waiting from the Portuguese Santa! Papai Noel!

Food – Why not add some spice to your holiday meal or brunch?

I always cook Brazilian Food the night before or add a table of appetizers Christmas day to spice up our holiday traditions! We also have a side dish and a dessert! Among my favorites are the chicken salad with avocado or the rice with raisins and the farofa (cassava flour), great additions to your table! My favorite appetizers are: salgadinho de queijo, empanadas, olive and cheese bites, sanduiche em camadas  (layered sandwich) and sweets like pannetonni, brigadeiros, casadinhos. I also love to add the fatia de parida (a Brazilian version of french toast), a large fruit plate, lunch meats and fresh Portuguese bread, are great additions to muffins, eggs and breakfast casseroles!

I included some recipes for Brigadeiro:




Fatia de Parida


Great Reading – I have been bad in bringing foreign language books and help my son be more proficient but I try to include Brazilian stories during our holiday break, I also have Brazilian comic books which we read together! Many book stores have bilingual books, Foreign Language books in different languages!

I wanted to share some:


We make snowflakes by making random cuts in a folded square

Build paper figurines and make origamis (my son favorite thing to do!)

We make a new year list of places and things we want to do and I keep it all year and check when we actually do it! 

I hope my suggestions will help you bring latin flavor to your holidays! You can adapt our suggestions to traditions in your own country or language! No matter what, it needs to bring fun and joy to the children! 

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Feliz Natal, Fröhliche Weihnachten, Merry Christmas is Sheng Dan Kuai Le(Traditional: 聖誕快樂; Simplified: 圣诞快乐) in Chinese.


Claudia Krusch

Bilingual – Buddies