5 Best Foreign Language Summer Ideas


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# 1 – Playa- Let’s go to the beach and enjoy summer fun while learning a foreign language or reviewing vocabulary which is often forgotten when teaching children the basics of any language. Words like Palo/Cubo for bucket or Sombrilla for Umbrella, Toalla for Towel, Gafas de sol – Sun Glasses and so much more.



#2 – Play games – When you head to the shore, you had talked and used the vocabulary and things you like about the beach, me gusta, no me gusta….well, let’s take it to the next level, I have made a scavenger hunt list and given to my son with Concha- Sea Shell, Arena- Sand, Pez, when he brings his net or Cangrejo – Crab (for sand crabs), so amazing to see all the fun he had while checking off the items and the prize was a Paleta – Popsicle! 


#3 – Musica – Sing songs. Are you ready for a long road trip? Bring music along, sing in the car! Teach your child La bamba, De Colores and many other traditional songs. 


#4 – Crafts – Let’s make a Papalote – Kite,  some maracas with paper plates, decorate a dollar store bucket with sharpies, making it unique and using special beach words. 


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#5- Summer is also about food! I divide my vocabulary list in fruits, treats, main dishes and drinks and have a picnic in your backyard! My son and I do that often and also in the creek behind our house, we need to name and talk about what we are going to eat, before we get to it! Challenge them with a fruit salad, whoever names more fruit pieces, gets ice cream with the dessert!

I use these ideas for Spanish and Portuguese! Please share your ideas on having summer fun bilingual way! 


Above all, have fun, enjoy your summer/verano!  Claudia Krusch – Bilingual Buddies      


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