On the road to Disney


When I was invited to the Disney on the Road event, I was extremely happy because Disney is on the my favorite places on earth! I had my first trip there when I was 12, still living in Brazil and it was also my first bilingual experience, as I helped most of the people in my bus buy things! Had compliments from store sales people for my English, that experience shaped my confidence towards my foreign language skills and open the doors to what became a successful career!

I remember hearing the Disney staff asking where did you learn English, have you ever lived here? Their kind words and gratitude for my help set an image that would never leave me! That was the first time I thought, I will live in this country one day! Who would know those words would come true and I would moving 20 years later!

Since then, I had been back many times and every time is a different experience of colors, languages in the air, flavors in the restaurants, chats on the lines to the rides, it all brings back memories from my childhood tinted by new colors and new flavors. That is one of the best Disney qualities, that new familiar feeling every time you visit it

As a bilingual parent and a foreign language instructor, I have a plan to bring my son to Disney next year and share my love for the place while sharing my favorite rides! The event definitely sparkled my interest to make the trip as soon as possible with the new rides and improvements they are making!

Disney on the road’s speakers in NYC brought me back to that happy place, that magical feeling I felt when I was twelve that I was powerful and could grow and do anything!

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Mom and Foreign Language teacher at EasyLearn Languages, the author is a blogger and active member of South Jersey and Latino blogging groups.

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