My Valentine!


♥This Year we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day differently, because I have to work until late and mostly because I think my son feels left out when my husband and I go out for dinner and leave him with a sitter. He always says I am his Valentine!!!!

♥When he was little, he used to make homemade cards and wrap old toys and have them ready for me! He grew up, he is 9 now, but he still thinks about mom and decided to take Dad to the mall to get me a gift! He also picked a card, I asked him, not a homemade one? He said no, I chose a special one for you, but he promised to write a few words in Spanish for me, using my Valentine’s Cards for my classes! Can’t wait to see it!

♥As he was growing up, I had the privilege to witness his display of affection through notes. I collected some of them.This one is from when he was 6:

Valentine's note 





♥Through songs, he used to make up songs about me being beautiful, and sing around the house, it’s a shame I did not record them!

♥He woke up the other day and said, mom, you should be a model, I smiled, he said yes, you are so beautiful!!! I looked horrible, but he made my day!

♥So this year, instead of going out just with my husband, I planned a whole celebration with him as well! We will make our homemade pizzas, each one will chose their favorite toppings and I pre-cut pepperoni hearts! We will also have a dessert buffet with cupcakes, pretzels and my son’s favorite: chocolate fondue for his strawberries, peanut butter heart cookies and sparkling cider! 

This year We will celebrate together, because, after all, he is also my Valentine!


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