It’s Dr. Seuss Week #Bilingual Celebration

Dr Seuss in Spanish

We are spending the whole week celebrating Dr Seuss’ birthday! While he is not a South American traditional author, his influence in the American Schools made me take the time to plan a class to celebrate his birthday! I used two books, Un Pez, Dos Peces….and Huevos Verdes con jamon both for sale at Amazon:

Amazon Image


Amazon Image

I used the first book and planned a fish class, we went fishing with a plastic fish game with water and a bucket, they needed to go fishing and tell me the size, color and name of the sea creature, we used sea horses, alligators and crabs of different colors. We used pictures of large fish, whales and turtles in the “ocean” which was a colorful parachute, they learned nadar, we also used speed (fast and slow) and parar to guide movements.

We also used goldfish for counting and identifying colors! Of course we ate them at the end!

We showed a video of bilingual reading of the books from youtube :


And the song I created: Yo soy un pea, yo soy un pez, yo soy un pez y me gusta nadar….repeat 2x and Nado rapido y despacio, nado rapido y despacio (3x), the kids loved going fast and slow.

We also went fishing in a small water bucket where I placed twenty fish and they practiced: Yo tengo un pez  (color) en mi mano. This was done at intermediate level classes.

It was a fun way to celebrate Dr. Seuss week and the children loved it!

Why not give this a try and let me know how your children liked it?


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