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This summer has been atypical – rain, humidity and traveling to different places for events make a bad combination to trigger my allergies, which have usually calmed down in the summer time! Guess what? I have faced red watery eyes, so I have looked for my own ways to keep my belleza latina by:

  1. Drinking plenty of water.  Also eating some of my favorite foods which will not compromise my look or worsen my allergies, such as  almonds, walnuts, cashews, broccoli,  tomatoes and spinach!
  2. For the redness, I use cold bags or make up (concealers)  until my skin appearance improves.
  3. I’ve also learned that sleeping well, after taking my allergy medicine, always helped improve my skin condition.

All that has been working until I have found out that, the makers of ZYRTEC® have partnered with beauty and fashion expert, Carmen Ordoñez from, to help women combat ALLERGY FACE™ – beauty challenges like a puffy face, watery eyes and a red nose that are associated with typical allergy symptoms. In “Embracing Your Natural Belleza Latina,” Carmen shares simple beauty tips to help women look naturally bella when tackling ALLERGY FACE™, including:

  • How to Combat a Puffy Face: Drink plenty of water each day to help keep your skin hydrated.
  • How to Combat a Puffy Face: Also, to reduce the appearance of a puffy face, rub an ice cube over your face beore applying your makeup.
  • How to Reduce the Appearance of Watery Eyes: Apply navy blue or cobalt mascara to help the whites of your eyes appear brighter.
  • Less is more! Don’t overdo it with too much makeup.

I wanted to share the video with you:

Some other useful tips from Carmen include:

  • Eyes: Use an eyelash curler before applying mascara to help “wake up” your ALLERGY FACE™. Using a curler will make your eyes look wide open, so you look fresh and awake.
  • Nose: If your nose is irritated and dry, avoid putting on foundation, which can look caked on. Instead apply a rich moisturizer and let it dry.
  • Face: To help reduce the appearance of ALLERGY FACE™, place a cold damp cloth on your face for 10 minutes.


Visit to view the three-part ALLERGY FACE™ video series.

Be sure to follow Carmen on Twitter at @VivaFashion and check out her blog for her latest ALLERGY FACE™ tips and tricks.

For product savings and rewards to help you feel better, visit and 

Now tell me, how do you embrace YOUR natural beauty?? Can’t wait to hear about it!

Looking forward to hearing more about your tips and wanted to share my summer Allergy Free look:

me on the beach f


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