Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver – Racing To One Of Our Hot Game Picks!

world's best driver

We were invited for the game launch early September in NY when we had a chance to preview and enjoy a quick try!

hotwheels pic 1ff

Our game arrived soon after, we also received a super cool car and sticker, the game is compatible to our PS3 but it is also offered in Wii U and XBox 360.

My husband and I played the new “Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver” game on our PS3 and had lots of fun competing against each other!

They drove motorcycles and snowmobiles in addition to some hot cars! The game play is for one person at a time so you have full vision of the television screen while its your turn. The graphics are great and the action is non-stop! My son’s favorite game play was the snow mobile trick course/competition. Lots of high flipping, twisting and turning as you go flying off the ramps.

hotwheels 2f

We have an older Hot Wheels video game which has long been one of our favorites and “World’s Best Driver” has already become a new favorite for us! Hats off to Warner Brothers for their great new “Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver” game.

The game is available in most stores, what are you waiting for?

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