Grateful for my heritage! Part 1 – food

When we were sitting at the table, saying grace and things that we were thankful for, I left our comments and felt deep gratitude for my heritage and very proud of bringing that to our home, to our table and to my son’s life – even when his American palate absolutely hates my Brazilian or Hispanic additions to our holiday table and celebrations!

I know he will grow up with a citizen of the world mentality, when he remembers we had guacamole dip with chips on our munchies’ table or a lasagna with ham on ¬†Christmas eve, farofa de manteiga and panettone with turkey! Rabanadas on our Christmas morning brunch and so many other additions to the traditional menu!

So even though, Thanksgiving is an American tradition, I always try to remind my family we should be thankful for my heritage and for the spice I bring to our holidays!

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Mom and Foreign Language teacher at EasyLearn Languages, the author is a blogger and active member of South Jersey and Latino blogging groups.

Author: Claudia Krusch

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