Elf on a Self, on a table, on the taco, the guacamole, by the maracas! Ole!

I bought the book The elf on a shelf in Spanish to use in upcoming classes and story time sessions I had scheduled for December!

Forgot to hide it and my son found the box and said wow! We have a Spanish Elf! So much fun! Is he going to speak Spanish too?? Can you read the book? Is he coming tomorrow too? He had been visited by the American elf for a few days! I was in trouble! I decided to think about ways to make my elf authentic 🙂

Went to my laptop and decided to list places where he would appear and things he would do to show his Hispanic character! Tomorrow, his first day at our home, he will be sitting on a tortilla with some sour cream!! 🙂

I have decided to have fun and welcome our new elf with a real Hispanic hospitality and will be sharing the pictures on our facebook page!

If you wish to join my journey, the book is only sold at Target online, not in stores and the main website has a Spanish version!


The book can be found on this page:


Look forward to seeing you there!


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