Carnaval – Mardi Gras VIVA!!!

Carnival reminds me of all my youth, when we would anticipate the week of Carnival and enjoy the “ensaios” rehearsals that in my home State, Bahia, prepare the people for the largest Party on Earth! Carnival in Brazil, where a bands set up very sophisticated equipment to give the people an amazing show! On the streets, no tickets, no money to watch, dance and enjoy it!

My father lives on a street two blocks from the main stage for the carnival procession in Salvador, the capital of Bahia, which is called Campo Grande. We used to come and still listen to the music from our open windows!

Just think about 7 days without traffic, hospitals, supermarkets or schools…..that’s how the people from Salvador live during carnival! Just sun and music! Who could ask for more!

Summer heat, cold drinks, light meals, music and fun!

One year, I decided to spend Carnival in Venice and see what it was all about, a completely different experience, elegant costumes, expensive parties, winter freezing cold and a lot of things I can’t share here on our blog…..

When I try to share my experience with Carnival and show my son a little bit of what happens during Carnival, I share the music, the fun, the carnival parties I attended as a child, being a member of nice swimming clubs, we had access to those private parties! The costumes, the confetti…the fun I remember from early days and the fun I had as a young teen going out with my friends and having lots of fun!

I also love bringing old Carnival songs like mamae eu quero, chiclete com banana, yvete san galo and other songs and artists and sharing them with my son! We do our own party and dance around the house with juice and colorful shirts!

How do you share Carnival with your children, students? Did you grow up enjoying it? Can’t wait to hear from you!!!

Viva Carnaval! 

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