Best Kids Apps to teach German- natürlich!


Continuing our series of post about apps to help teach children a foreign language or at least bring foreign language fun bilingual way! I looked for some apps to bring German Classic stories and some others just play time in German apps. I hope you enjoy my selection. I learned German when I was a teen and still have a deep love for the language! When I share that I speak German, everybody asks, why? It has been a language that has always fascinated me! Ausgezeichnet! 

Flashcards Demo by Vimeo

This product has a great version for different languages and it can be downloaded here:

Flashcards by INKids. Flashcards for iPad contains hundreds of children’s flashcards in a number of learning categories and has 2nd language support in 4 languages (German, French, Italian and Spanish). Each interactive flashcard is beautifually illustrated and professionally recorded making this a must have educational apps for toddlers and preschoolers.

Kinder App


This fun vocabulary-building game manages to pack a lot of useful household words into five simple screens. The quirky, cartoony illustrations are lively and appealing. There are two levels of gameplay: in Level One, you touch objects in a room and their names pop up on screen, voiced aloud by a native German speaker. In Level 2, it’s your turn: the narrator names an object and you have to find it. To download, click here.

Learn German Baby Flash Cards

german flashcardsImage source: Baby Flash Cards screenshot. Note: this is a free app.

Click here to download.

Despite the “Baby” in the name, this has proven an excellent choice for my 9 year old. (And right on down the line through younger kids as well.) The concept is simple: four pictures are shown on the screen, and a native German speaker names one of them for you to click. This is a basic flashcard vocabulary drill, executed with finesse and visual appeal.

I like the range of vocab in this app. Categories include: colors and shapes; numbers; alphabet (the format here is “A is forÄpfel” so you learn extra words along with the letter names); animals; and transportation.


Longlegs and the Pirate With No-Nose

pirate game


Screenshot pic from itunes

Click here to download:

Longlegs and the Pirate with No-Nose is an interactive book for kids, translated in six different languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese). This application amazing features are definitely in the story, has great illustrations, all product of the imagination of Francesco Tosi. But what will surely grab the little ones attention is the interactivity! The app allows you to touch, move, listen, live alongside the characters, and embark on a great adventure into the wonderful world of Calabi-Yau.

I hope you enjoyed the apps and have fun with your children! It’s all about having fun and exposing them to different languages and German is an amazing language which challenges little ones to produce sounds which are not native to English speakers or Spanish speakers!

Screenshots taken from app pages, images sources are from the apps pages.

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