Best Bilingual Apps


In this first post, I will be sharing our favorite posts for learning Spanish:

Some of the parents of my students have asked me for apps recently. I have then looked for apps, not only for the languages that I teach, but others as well.

Based on online reviews and my own experience, these are my favorites!

Spanish Apps


Handy Manny’s Flashcard Fiesta

Latin American Spanish with Doki for iPad

You’ll traverse the language-rich land of Doki, checking in to different attractions and learning words in logical groupings. Time to visit the restaurant or la agencia de viajes! The Doki app even breaks up the learning into two age-appropriate categories, one for those ages 7 to 14, and another for those of us ages 15 and up.

Peekaboo Barn 


Animals appear behind barn doors, children will be amazed by tapping into each door!



You can listen to classics in Spanish, English and Cantonese!


Noah Compreende


Great app with games, videos and so much more! Noah is also a cartoon, where everybody speaks Spanish and Noah tries to figure out the word in Spanish. One of my favorites!


Please share if you liked them and your experienced with using them!


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