5 Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts!

5 Last Minute

Father’s Day Gifts


I know, are you like me? Last minute, running around without knowing what to get? Worse, your husband tells you he does not need anything!!! Instant headache!

So I have the answer for you!  Five last minute gifts to look like you spent months planning to get it!


# 1 Gift Cards 

You will say why did you not think of that? Buying a gift card to your husband favorite store, to that restaurant he’s been talking about, to the store that sells his golf, fishing or books! At the end, it’s all about him!

#2 Indulge His Hobbies

He talks about wanting to learn to play the guitar, buy that new phone to be up-to-date with technology, fishing, cooking foreign language lessons, the sky is the limit! You know he would never splurge on his hobbies, so you will save the day and do it!

#3 Photo Frame

Purchase a digital photo frame and add all the favorite family pictures and wrap it in a nice gift box, it’s all about the caja, right?

#4 Go Digital

Always looking for the new gadgets, chances are that the father in your life will cover you with besos after you hand him the newest exercise band, the coolest wine opener with LED lights or solar cell phone chargers! Brookestone, Bed,Bath and Beyond and other great stores carry those products. Pinterest is a great place to look for ideas.

#5 Homemade Barbecue Kit

Does your father, husband, boyfriend likes to grill? Well, surprise him by gathering new grills tools, an apron which can be customized at the kiosks at the mall, a grilling recipe book, skewers and many other items that will make him smile and help your next barbecue be a great hit! He may be adventurous and make a parrillada or a Brazilian churrasco! Ole!

Now you are probably asking, what have I decided to do? Guess what? Nothing yet, after all it’s not last minute if it’s not really last minute! Check out our facebook page for my gift pic and comments and share what you have chosen and if you liked our ideas, amiga!


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