10 Bilingual Activities while at home with hurricane Sandy!

I know, I know! You are at home for two days and you wished you could use some of this time to bring more bilingual love to your children at home??

Here are some suggestions!

1) Play Go Fish with your regular cards and they need to say the numbers out loud while playing the cards!

2) Youtube has some karaoke links to sing Spanish Songs, search for your favorite topic or songs to sing! Like this one:


3) Hide and Seek – One child will count to 20 in Spanish or any other language and the others will hide.

4) Frio o caliente – You hide an object and children will look for it and you will say frio when it is far and caliente when it is close to it, progressing to muy caliente, herviendo!

5) Reading books, bilingual or in the target language, specially comfort ones, my son is specially cuddly when storms come, I sit with him on the couch and read books in Spanish and Portuguese!

6) Cook! – I chop veggies, fruits, make cookies, sandwiches and basically anything which is an excuse to review or teach food vocab!

7) Coloring pages found on the web, while they color review colors or teach them in the target languages, specially rainbows, they are great to teach the children, the rainbow will come after the storm! Arcoiris, Arco iris!

8) It’s Halloween, give family members candy and have your child say a word in the target language to get a piece of candy! Each word is worth a piece! Just be careful, you don’t want your child bouncing up the walls after loaded with sugar! 🙂

9) Camping inside – Prepare sleeping bags, inside a children’s tent, toys, flashlight, a book and other objects inside and pretend you are camping and tell them a camp fire story and/or teach them vocab around you like tent, sleeping bag….

10) Play online foreign language games, always a favorite!

Hope you enjoyed our tips and share if you used them!



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