Mummy or Mommy, A Trick or Treat Question!

This week I used my Halloween Flashcards to play different card games!


In one of my classes, one of my students asked: Ms. Claudia, what is this? looking at the Mummy picture. I told him, it’s a Mommy! He said: That’s not my Mommy! I said, yes, that’s a Mommy, meaning Mummy.

Brazilian Portuguese does not differentiate the u sound on those words, so, to me, I’m saying the same thing when using one word or the other, but an American can recognize the difference.

Same thing in Portuguese, we have avô  and avó, accent differentiates them and my students have a hard time hearing the difference.

Accent mark and sound can also put you in trouble as in:

 m  coconut    
m Poop

In case you are interested in practicing at home: our cards had the words, Bruja – witch, Calavera- skeleton, Momia – mummy, Dulce- candy, Pastel- Pie, Hoja- leaf, Murcielago- bat.

We also watched this cute video in the class, where vocabulary learned in the cards was seen on the video:

I have been learning English since I was five, this week’s lesson taught me that learning a language is a life long process, you are always learning.

Happy Halloween, Feliz Dia de Los Muertos, Feliz Dia das Bruxas! 

Hallow 4f

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