What A Gamer Needs For Halloween

We asked our favorite gamers, friends and family, what do you need for Halloween? You will be surprised by their answers … or not! Hope you enjoy as much as we did!

Lucas 10- said, holding his Pacman cookie: ” Every gamer needs gamer sweets for Halloween!”


Lucas also said: “Every gamer needs a costume of a character from your favorite game! That is why I chose Enderman from Minecraft!”

Lu minecraftf

Brandon and Luke agreed:

“Every gamer needs a gamer costume! ” So, Spyro was an easy choice for them!

brandonf         JAkef

Our gamer said that the best trick or treat gift ever was what he received this weekend when Nintendo gave him the new Pac Man and the Ghostly Adventures to try! The full scoop on this new game will be coming up soon!

pacman adventuresf1

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