Pac Man Adventures – An adventure in NY

We were invited to attend the launch of Pac Man and The Ghostly Adventures at the Nintendo Store a couple weeks ago and you had the inside scoop in our social media channels but we wanted to tell you all the details since, they are about to do another big launch and that we had included the Pac Man game in our Holiday Gift Guide- Game Edition coming up next week!

We were greeted by Pac Man!


pacman2f pacman3f



We had a chance to play the game which was not in stores yet and try on different game consoles!

pacman 4f

pacman 5f


Even I tried it and decided I need a WiiU for Christmas along with new games!

pacman 7f

My son loved trying out the amazing looking cookies!



My son would like to share his opinion on the game, how excited he was to bring it home and try it!



The store associates were so knowledgeable and friendly, giving us all the details not only about that game but also other upcoming game launches! We wanted to share that the Nintendo Store is hosting a special launch:

Thursday, 11/21 (Times 8PM-12AM)

•Triple launch at midnight on both floors
•The Legend of Zelda: a Link Between Worlds available for purchase
•Super Mario 3D World available for purchase
•Mario Party available for purchase
•Commissioned chalk artist to create an in store Zelda installation of which will be unveiled during launch
•Meet and greet with chalk artist
•Zelda cosplay character in-store appearance
•Mario and/or Luigi characters in-store appearance
•Gifts with purchase available
It’s an amazing store, hope to see you there!
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