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This week we were invited to preview news regarding LEGOLAND Parks and hear all the amazing and exciting news on their Orlando expansion in NYC at the  Grand Hyatt and I wanted to share all the amazing news with you!

We had a chance to hear about Legoland Discovery Center  in Westchester, which is so close to us and will be visiting it in March with my family to share all the  fun with you!

Legoland 1

We also had a chance to preview the new expansion at the Legoland Florida Park in Orlando, available for new guests on Memorial Day. We will also be visiting it to share the rides and excitement with you, during our late March trip, I can’t wait!


The event was perfect for all ages, my son spent most of the time building Chima sets!

Legoland 2ff


Children and adults were amazed by large Lego Statues and Buildings!

Chima and If



Legoland expf


Lego 3f

I can’t begin to describe the amazing food and desserts buffet which caught the children’s attention!


LEgo 5f

We were very impressed with the new things that are happening in the LEGOLAND parks, which you can check on the links above and can’t wait to share our experience after our visit! Let us know if you have visited one of their parks and share your experience here!


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