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Monster Fun With Monster Jam

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This Year We had the best Valentines Day ever! We went to watch Monster Jam at the IZOD Center and had the best family night ever!

Monster Truck 2

Party In The Pits started with Adam Anderson owner and driver of Grave Digger – The Legend, who explained how Monster Jam works and his family history in the business, how he started. We knew he was a crowd favorite, but after talking with him, we could really understand why!  We had an overall view of the outside and learned about the  66 inch tires, trucks running on methanol fuel, and even witnessed them change the tire and the inside of his car and how he gets inside.



All drivers were really nice and patient, they answered any questions we had and autographed our 2014 Souvenir YEARBOOK! Here are some of our favorites!




These were the trucks featured:

The Grave Digger – The Legend, The Grave Digger, Captain America, Thrasher, Shockwave, Overkill Evolution, Madusa and Black Stallion.

They competed in amazing categories such as Wheelies, Donuts, Racing and Free Style!

Monster Jam 1


The Legend won most competitions, but we really loved the action packed finale, where Grave Digger (the original, not The Legend), hit three Monster Trucks while doing free style, which was the final competition!  It stirred the crowd and brought the adrenaline to a whole new level! A Monster Level!


It was truly a great experience, for adults and children of any age! I would highly recommend it! Tonight the fun continues, to find out more information, please log on to Monster Jam




My Valentine!


♥This Year we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day differently, because I have to work until late and mostly because I think my son feels left out when my husband and I go out for dinner and leave him with a sitter. He always says I am his Valentine!!!!

♥When he was little, he used to make homemade cards and wrap old toys and have them ready for me! He grew up, he is 9 now, but he still thinks about mom and decided to take Dad to the mall to get me a gift! He also picked a card, I asked him, not a homemade one? He said no, I chose a special one for you, but he promised to write a few words in Spanish for me, using my Valentine’s Cards for my classes! Can’t wait to see it!

♥As he was growing up, I had the privilege to witness his display of affection through notes. I collected some of them.This one is from when he was 6:

Valentine's note 





♥Through songs, he used to make up songs about me being beautiful, and sing around the house, it’s a shame I did not record them!

♥He woke up the other day and said, mom, you should be a model, I smiled, he said yes, you are so beautiful!!! I looked horrible, but he made my day!

♥So this year, instead of going out just with my husband, I planned a whole celebration with him as well! We will make our homemade pizzas, each one will chose their favorite toppings and I pre-cut pepperoni hearts! We will also have a dessert buffet with cupcakes, pretzels and my son’s favorite: chocolate fondue for his strawberries, peanut butter heart cookies and sparkling cider! 

This year We will celebrate together, because, after all, he is also my Valentine!


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