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A Daddy’s Tips On Babies

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You’ve  probably heard many various tips from mothers and and grandmothers on how to deal with babies, right?

Well for this post, a daddy will let us know some of his tips for dealing with babies on a day to day basis! And where else would I look except to my husband … Mark? My husband, as a way of introduction, has two sons and is a few years older than I am. So he should have lots of wisdom when dealing with babies, right? You know, the older… the wiser?  😉

So I asked my baby’s daddy if he had any tips he’d like to share with my readers and here is what he offered up as tips for new moms and dads when dealing with the everyday mess and stress of having a baby in your house!

1.  Moms – don’t put the baby in bed with you!
Many times the baby will cry at night and after a long exhausting day of dealing with the precious little one, it’s very tempting to put the baby in bed with you when he starts crying. This is bad for a couple reasons. The first is that it’s dangerous for the baby’s health. You could roll over at night and accidentally suffocate the baby … this has unfortunately happened and often you’ll hear about it in the news. The second reason is that it can become a habit and it will then interfere with mommy and daddy’s “special times.” Every couple needs to have intimacy (not just the physical part) and trying to be quiet while dealing with a sleeping baby in your bed will certainly impede the two of you from having those “special times”.

2. Dads – try to help your wife with the baby anyway you can.

A)   Night-time: Most moms I know are quite capable of taking care of their baby, but after a long tiring day they’ll usually want some help. Try helping with the feeding of the baby, especially at night. If mommy isn’t breast feeding, you can help warm the bottle and maybe even feed your child while you let your partner get some well-deserved rest.

B) Any time: One of the worst jobs I’ve found when dealing with my babies was changing the diapers! It’s a stinky smelly mess.
*Side Note* My first wife thought that she would be green and save the world by using cloth diapers. But after the first load had to be washed and sanitized, she quickly changed her mind!   🙂
A more reasonable approach and  the one that we used was using disposable diapers. And Dads, it’s not that bad of a job, just make sure you have lots of baby wipes handy.  Just grab the baby’s legs, lift him up a little while you wipe and clean him, slide the new diaper under the butt, close it with the velcro tab and you’re good to go! Put your used dirty wipes in the old diaper and then fold it up and use the velcro strips on it to hold it closed and you’re ready to dispose of it.

Taking a walk with the baby can be very relaxing and help with stress management – Dads can do this to further help their wife out by giving her a break. (Just don’t go popping too many wheelies with the carriage as this WILL get the baby upset! )  😉

Finally, just give your baby lots of love and reassurance. He needs his daddy’s love as well as his mommy’s and this will help your child to grow up having a happy healthy life!

Well there you have it – My husband’s tips for dealing with babies.

If you’d like another man’s perspective on how to successfully deal with babies, I invite you to join Poncho de Anda on FaceBook!  Here are the details:

Who: Pancho de Anda – TV personality and father of two

When: September 2oth, 2012 from 12 pm EST to 1 pm EST


What: Opportunity to ask Pancho de Anda how he tackles the challenges of parenting. Huggies would love to hear from you! Please note that the chat will be in Spanish. Look for the picture of Poncho on the facebook page to participate in the chat.

Thanks for reading!

Claudia – Bilingual-Buddies Mom

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Does Back to School means Back to English??

My son has probably endured over 100 hours of Spanish this summer, if you count summer camps and classes he sat in with me! Anything from advanced Spanish for healthcare to Mommy and Me caterpilar games!

Back to school approaches, is actually tomorrow and he does not have Spanish at this school, they teach them Latin until 6th grade! Nothing against Latin but I have tossing and turning on how to keep my son’s amazing vocabulary acquired over the summer without replacing it with Latin or English itself!

Many parents I know tell me, before the children went to school, they spoke their native language all the time, once schooling age started, answers in English, then total loss and they come to me frustrated: Que Hago??

I faced the problem myself and decided to bring Spanish besides our food night to our lives while we are in the car driving to school or through a cool song or video!  I honestly believe a foreign language needs to be fun and would not change it with my own son!

He associates foreign language with time with mom and I love that!

After pinteresting many activities to be using which I will be sharing, like game night, scrabble and many other in Spanish or Portuguese, I reached the conclusion that Back to School does not have be back to 0 in the language A or B, it should be, let’s include A or B in our lives to make a natural transition!

Share your experience in  keeping with your child’s bilingual skills, I would love to hear it!


Claudia – Bilingual-Buddies Mom